Welcome to the Mar-Alma Pod. Mar alma means "Sea Soul" in Galician. This is a community to bring these souls together in their journey to return to their true home—the ocean. I do not intend for this pod to grow too large, as I worry it we would find it increasingly difficult to stay hidden in the water, especially since, as a pod, we need to stay together. So if this pod recieves more than members 15, I will develop a strategy in which we can split into seperate pods. Here you have arrived, for a reason. Enter our waters, leave the land behind, and discover your destiny as a mermaid. Welcome home.


1) You must be at least twelve years of age.

2) You must be able to, if need be, return to the ocean forever. This is a pod, and I'm accepting the ones who I know will be able to leave with one day to our home, the ocean. I understand some of you just want a family, but I will not take you in if you aren't capable of leaving behind you're life on land. You have to be 100000% positive the ocean is where you want to remain forever.

3) Have complete dedication to your mermaid shifting. This means no changing your mind. You must know that becoming a mermaid is your path.

4) Get along with other members. If you've got a problem with someone, try to work it out. BUT IN PRIVATE MESSAGES. I don't want World War III going on in the forums.

5) You have to be capable of devoting to this pod. We are your family, and we need everyones cooperation and hard work for this to be made possible.

6) Lying is not tolerated AT ALL! Don't lie about shifting progress, don't lie about experiences, don't lie about ANYTHING! I will ban you.

7) Please try to keep cursing and profanity to a minimum.

8) You need to have the basic knowledge of mermaids, magick, etc. I don't want, to put this nicely, a pod full of noobs. Its okay if you're new, but don't spam the forums with questions that have already been answered, or that you can easily PM me about.

9) Be an active member. I will NOT keep unactive members on this site, because as a pod, we need to keep in touch. If it has been more than two months since your latest activity, I will remove you.

10) HAVE FUN! I don't want this to be all serious all the time. WE'RE A FAMILY! We can kick back, relax, and enjoy ourselves every once in a while, can't we?

I know that seems like a lot, but guys. I'm asking these ten things of you. I would feel horrible knowing I was whisking away some random kid away from their family and home and land life when they'd miss it. I also want this pod to be very functional and working. A real and true family. That is all I ask. I hope you understand. Blessed be <33 )O( xx

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